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I decided to create a separate place for my graphics and other creations after I realized how much it was cluttering up my personal journal. Originally, it was going to be a wesite called Ancient Whispers but I soon realized it would be much easier to just create a community. Thus, Ancient Paths(because Whispers was taken lol) was born!

Most of my stuff is Charmed and Stargate, though I dabble in Battlestar Galactica(2003), Mutant X, and whatever else inspires me.

I have very few rules concerning my work, so please follow them. :)

1) You must credit either sarahbell05 or ancient_paths!

2) Please comment when you're taking something, I love feedback and I like to know where my work is going.

3) Do not seriously alter any of my work unless I give you permission. If you want to put your name on it or something, I don't really care as long as you credit me.

4) No hotlinking!


If you'd like to become an affiliate of Ancient Paths, please e-mail me at sarahbell86[at]yahoo[dot]com or drop me a comment!

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